Toshiro Mizuno

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To examine the nature of cytoplasm determinants for dorsal specification in zebrafish, we have developed a method in which we remove the vegetal yolk hemisphere of early fertilized eggs (vegetal removed embryos). When the vegetal yolk mass was removed at the 1-cell stage, the embryos frequently exhibited typical ventralized phenotypes: no axial structures(More)
This study analyzed the spatial and temporal expression pattern of zebrafish wnt11 and the regulation of the expression during zebrafish early development, focusing on the interaction with the no tail (ntl) gene, a zebrafish orthologue of mouse Brachyury (T). Zygotic expression of wnt11 was first detected at the late blastula stage in the blastoderm margin,(More)
 The teleost dorsoventral axis cannot be distinguished morphologically before gastrulation. In order to examine whether the yolk cell affects axis determination, we bisect early cleavage embryos of the goldfish, Carassius auratus. When the vegetal yolk hemisphere is removed by bisection along the equatorial plane at the 2-cell stage, the embryos develop(More)
OBJECTIVE This trial is conducted to investigate the benefit of trastuzumab monotherapy compared with a combination therapy of trastuzumab and chemotherapy in women over 70 years with human epidermal growth factor receptor type-2-positive primary breast cancer. METHODS Inclusion criteria are the following: histologically diagnosed as invasive breast(More)
OBJECTIVE Infusional 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin with oxaliplatin is one of the standard regimens for patients with pretreated metastatic colorectal cancer, as well as for first-line chemotherapy. FOLFOX4 has shown its efficacy in pivotal trials, but patients must make twice-weekly hospital visits. FOLFOX6 is a more convenient regimen, requiring a visit(More)
The prevention of post-chemotherapy symptoms such as delayed emesis, anorexia, and fatigue induced by irinotecan has not been studied. We compared the effects of dexamethasone (Dex) with those of a placebo on these symptoms in a randomized study. Seventy patients scheduled to receive irinotecan chemotherapy were enrolled in the study and randomly divided(More)
BACKGROUND For targeting anti-HER-2, trastuzumab-incorporated chemotherapy is the standard for HER-2-overexpressing breast cancer in adjuvant settings. But there are few data on trastuzumab in elderly patients. We evaluated the incidence of adverse events among an elderly population of trastuzumab-treated HER-2-positive breast cancer patients in adjuvant(More)
The D-dimer levels are considered to be useful for the diagnosis of thrombosis, and they can be clinically used as a negative predictive value (NPV). However, evidence for the efficacy of diagnosing thrombosis based on the D-dimer levels is still not well established. The present study was designed to evaluate the cut-off values of D-dimer levels as a(More)
The purpose of this retrospective study is to evaluate the feasibility of the risk assessment over the telephone in the outpatient management of low-risk febrile patients with neutropenia. Febrile patients with neutropenia were eligible for outpatient management with oral ciprofloxacin if they demonstrated the following characteristics: resolution of(More)