Toshiro Kisa

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We measured CSF levels of beta-endorphin, an opioid hormone, in 19 patients with infantile autism and in 3 patients with Rett syndrome, and compared them with control values. In infantile autism, CSF levels of beta-endorphin did not differ significantly from those of age-matched controls. There was no significant correlation between CSF levels and clinical(More)
We report 4 children who developed acute hemiplegia 7 weeks to 4 months after varicella infection. In 2 patients, carotid angiography demonstrated segmental narrowing and occlusion of the middle cerebral artery. Their clinical and angiographic features were similar to those associated with contralateral hemiplegia after herpes zoster ophthalmicus, the(More)
We describe an 8-year old boy with pseudobulbar palsy and speech disturbance associated with fetal distress, mild birth asphyxia and probably intracranial hemorrhage. There is a remarkable dissociation between orofacial voluntary movements and emotional expression. MRI revealed cortical atrophy and subcortical gliosis of both opercula. The clinical and(More)
SummaryA female infant with distal 15q trisomy and terminal 12q monosomy is reported. This is the first oriental case. Facial dysmorphism in this case is similar to that of previous cases. Additional features are severe brain malformation including Dandy-Walker malformation and agenesis of the corpus callosum, and multiple limb anomalies. These features(More)
A 4-year-old girl with multiple system degeneration and retinal degeneration was presented. There was onset of an ataxic gait at two years and rapid progression of retinal degeneration, myoclonus and cranial nerve palsy. Neuropathological examination revealed severe degeneration of the cerebellar cortex and the pathways of auditory and deep sensation, as(More)
We report characteristic and morphometric changes of cranial computed tomography (CT) with increasing age in 56 patients with Down's syndrome aged from 0 month to 37 years. Patients were compared with 142 normal controls aged 0 to 59 years. Width of ventricles, Sylvian fissures, posterior fossa, pons and cisterna magna were measured on CT. The incidences of(More)
A 6-year-old Japanese boy with rapidly progressive SSPE was reported, who received interferon therapy and recovered from stage III-A to stage II-B according to the criteria of Freeman. This is the first report of the beneficial therapeutic effect of interferon therapy on rapidly progressive SSPE, which is lethal and poorly responded to any kind of previous(More)
We investigated the relationship between serial cranial CT findings and prognoses in 11 children after near-drowning. These patients were rescued after heart arrest for more than 10 minutes and all comatose on admission. CT scans were performed within 2 weeks, at 3 weeks-1 month, 2-4 months and more than 5 months after admission. Characteristics of CT(More)