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A single amino-acid substitution in the beta-tubulin gene of Neurospora confers both carbendazim resistance and diethofencarb sensitivity
SummaryTwo MBC-resistant mutants of Neurospora crassa, F914 and F939, were sensitive to diethofencarb at a concentration of 0.1 μg/ml, while the wild-type strain and other MBC-resistant mutantsExpand
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Antimicrobial Activity of 3-Phenylimidazolidine-2,4-diones and Related Compounds
The structure-activity relationships of 3-(3′,5′-dichlorophenyl)imidazolidine-2,4-dione derivatives were investigated by the agar dilution method using Sclerotinia sclerotiorum as a test microbe.Expand
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Comparison of tridemorph with buthiobate in antifungal mode of action.
灰色かび病菌 (Botrytis cinerea) の分生胞子をトリデモルフ10μM含有培地に培養すると, ほとんどの胞子は発芽するが, 発芽管の分岐が多くなり, 隔壁間の短縮をともない生長が抑えられた. 同様の異常はブチオベート処理によっても観察された. さらに, トリデモルフはブチオベートと同じく菌体のエルゴステロール生合成を阻害したが,Expand
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Structure-Activity Relationships of Vinyl Triazole Fungicides
4種のビニルトリアゾール系化合物, (Z)-および (E)-4,4-ジメチル-1-(置換フェニル)-2-(1,2,4-トリアゾール-1-イル)-1-ペンテン-3-オンとおのおののアルコール誘導体を合成し, その大麦うどんこ病と小麦赤さび病に対する防除効果を測定した. アルコール体はケトン体に比較して両病害に対して高い活性を示した.Expand
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Inhibition of Sterol Biosynthesis in Monilinia fructigena by the Fungicide, S-1358
When Moniiinia fructigena was treated with S–1358 at a concentration of 10 μm, both quality and quantity of digitonin-precipitable sterols were markedly altered. The amount of ergosterol which is aExpand
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Inhibition of appressorial adhesion of Pyricularia oryzae to barley leaves by fungicides
The effects of rice blast fungicides known to inhibit melanisation or penetration on the adhesion of Pyricularia oryzae to the leaf surface of barley were investigated. Adhering appressoria wereExpand
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Quantitative structure-activity relationships of the fungicidal methyl N-phenylcarbamates☆
Abstract For 69 methyl N -phenylcarbamates having various benzene ring substituents, the fungicidal activity was determined against Botrytis cinerea resistant to benzimidazole fungicides by the agarExpand
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Selective Inhibition of the Demethylation at C-14 in Ergosterol Biosynthesis by the Fungicide, Denmert (S-1358)
In cell-free homogenates of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Denmert (S-1358) inhibited the incorporation of radioactivity from dl-mevalonate-2-14C into 14-desmethyl-lanosterol,Expand
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