Toshiro Kageshita

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Muscle tissues from cases of childhood neuromuscular disorders were examined immunohistochemically and immunoelectrophoretically using a monoclonal antibody against the human nerve growth factor receptor (NGFR). Strong NGFR immunoreactivity on the tunica adventitia of blood vessels and proliferating peripheral nerve endings in biopsied muscle specimens from(More)
Background: Non pigmented eccrine poroma is a benign tumor that can have dermoscopic features mimicking malign neoplasias. The characteristic vascular pattern of this tumor hasn't been established. We found a scarcely reported vas-cular pattern, which can be useful to distinguish this tumor from malignant ones and propose a new nomenclature to these vessels(More)
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Spinal arachnoid cysts are rare, and their cause and pathogenesis remain controversial. We experienced a rare case with a large congenital melanocytic nevus in which a spinal arachnoid cyst contained nevus cells, suggesting the congenital nature of a spinal arachnoid cyst. CLINICAL PRESENTATION A 37-year-old Japanese man had been(More)
A 5-year-old girl had linear scleroderma on the flexor surface of the right arm; muscle wasting included the shoulder girdle. IgM fluorescence on blood vessels and along dermal-epidermal junction was observed by direct immunofluorescence in biopsied skin. Biceps muscle underlying the plaque of the scleroderma showed atrophy of entire fascicles,(More)
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