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In this study, we evaluate impacts of the accuracy of traffic information in dynamic route guidance. We focus on how the information quality (present or predicted information) and its accuracy influence on traffic condition in relation to the share of equipped vehicles. The recent developments in Intelligent Transport Systems are expected to bring the(More)
SUMMARY This paper at first introduces an examination in Japan to standardize traffic simulation models. The basic idea of the standardization here is to estimate abilities of existing models how to reproduce traffic conditions through verification and validation. Verification implies qualifying tests using virtual data sets in order to make a connection(More)
This research purposes to develop practical tools to evaluate the effects of ETC (Electric Toll Collection) system on road networks. In this paper, the analytical methodology to evaluate the capacity of toll plaza with ETC is proposed at first. Subsequently, two exiting simulation models, AVENUE and SOUND, are extended to estimate the total effects of ETC(More)
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