Toshio Terasawa

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Characteristic scale lengths of nonthermal X-rays from the SN 1006 NE rim, which are observed by Chandra, are interpreted in the context of the diffusive shock acceleration on the assumption that the observed spatial profile of nonthermal X-rays corresponds to that of accelerated electrons with energies of a few tens of TeV. To explain the observed scale(More)
included two fast interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICMEs), allow a study of correlation lengths of magnetic field parameters for two types of interplanetary (IP) structures: ICMEs and ambient solar wind. Further, they permit the extension of such investigations to the magnetosheath and to a distance along the Sun-Earth line (X) of about 400 R E. Data(More)
The massive flare of 27 December 2004 from the soft gamma-ray repeater SGR 1806-20, a possible magnetar, saturated almost all gamma-ray detectors, meaning that the profile of the pulse was poorly characterized. An accurate profile is essential to determine physically what was happening at the source. Here we report the unsaturated gamma-ray profile for the(More)
The outer shells of young supernova remnants (SNRs) are the most plausible acceleration sites of high-energy electrons with the diffusive shock acceleration (DSA) mechanism. We studied spatial and spectral properties close to the shock fronts in four historical SNRs (Cas A, Kepler's remnant, Tycho's remnant, and RCW 86) with excellent spatial resolution of(More)
Most visible matter in the Universe exists as plasma. How this plasma is heated, and especially how the initial non-equilibrium plasma distributions relax to thermal equilibrium (as predicted by Maxwell-Boltzman statistics), is a fundamental question in studies of astrophysical and laboratory plasmas. Astrophysical plasmas are often so tenuous that binary(More)
On December 27, 2004, plasma particle detectors on the GEOTAIL spacecraft detected an extremely strong signal of hard X-ray photons from the giant flare of SGR1806-20, a magnetar 1,2 candidate. While practically all gamma-ray detectors on any satellites were saturated during the first ∼500 ms interval after the onset, one of the particle detectors on(More)
We report measurements of cross sections for the reaction p(e,e ′ K +)Y, for both the Λ and Σ 0 hyperon states, at an invariant mass of W =1.84 GeV and four-momentum transfers 0.5 < Q 2 < 2 (GeV/c) 2. Data were taken for three values of virtual photon polarization ǫ, allowing the decomposition of the cross sections into longitudinal and transverse(More)
We performed a controlled study to compare the response to cyclophosphamide (CPA), adriamycin (ADM), and fluorouracil (5-FU) (CAF therapy) with that to uracil-tegafur (UFT) plus tamoxifen (TAM) (UFT+TAM therapy), when given as postoperative adjuvant therapy to women with breast cancer. The patients were registered from September 1991 through February 1995(More)
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