Toshio Terasawa

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Characteristic scale lengths of nonthermal X-rays from the SN 1006 NE rim, which are observed by Chandra, are interpreted in the context of the diffusive shock acceleration on the assumption that the observed spatial profile of nonthermal X-rays corresponds to that of accelerated electrons with energies of a few tens of TeV. To explain the observed scale(More)
A case of diffuse leiomyomatosis of the esophagus which was successfully resected is presented. The patient was a 44-year-old man who had an abnormal filling defect, which was incidentally discovered during esophagography, and was observed for two years. Although he remained asymptomatic, an operation was performed because of increase in the tumor's size.(More)
We performed a controlled study to compare the response to cyclophosphamide (CPA), adriamycin (ADM), and fluorouracil (5-FU) (CAF therapy) with that to uracil-tegafur (UFT) plus tamoxifen (TAM) (UFT+TAM therapy), when given as postoperative adjuvant therapy to women with breast cancer. The patients were registered from September 1991 through February 1995(More)
The massive flare of 27 December 2004 from the soft gamma-ray repeater SGR 1806-20, a possible magnetar, saturated almost all gamma-ray detectors, meaning that the profile of the pulse was poorly characterized. An accurate profile is essential to determine physically what was happening at the source. Here we report the unsaturated gamma-ray profile for the(More)
The outer shells of young supernova remnants (SNRs) are the most plausible acceleration sites of high-energy electrons with the diffusive shock acceleration (DSA) mechanism. We studied spatial and spectral properties close to the shock fronts in four historical SNRs (Cas A, Kepler’s remnant, Tycho’s remnant, and RCW 86) with excellent spatial resolution of(More)
Most visible matter in the Universe exists as plasma. How this plasma is heated, and especially how the initial non-equilibrium plasma distributions relax to thermal equilibrium (as predicted by Maxwell-Boltzman statistics), is a fundamental question in studies of astrophysical and laboratory plasmas. Astrophysical plasmas are often so tenuous that binary(More)
During the past 4 years, a sequential study was conducted to compare the effect of tamoxifen (TAM) alone and TAM plus 1-(2-tetrahydrofuryl)-5-fluorouracil (FT) in the treatment of advanced breast cancer. The overall response rates were 28.9% in 45 patients treated with TAM, and 43.2% in 37 treated with TAM + FT. In regard to dominant site of lesions, 4 out(More)
We propose a new mechanism for the prompt emission of gamma-ray burst. In our model electrons are continuously accelerated in the post shock region via plasma turbulance. Using Monte Carlo technique, we mimic the 2 order Fermi acceleraion due to plasma turbulance and obtain photon spectra. Since the acceleration balances with the synchrotron cooling, the(More)
 A randomized study was performed in 35 centers in the Kinki area of Japan to determine the effectiveness of ftorafur (FT) plus tamoxifen (TAM) compared with FT monotherapy in postoperative adjuvant therapy for breast cancer. Patients were randomized by the envelope method to receive either FT 600 mg/day or FT 600 mg/day plus TAM 20 mg/day orally for 1(More)
Hα emission from supernova remnants (SNRs) implies the existence of neutral hydrogen in the circumstellar medium. Some of the neutral particles penetrating the shock are ionized by the charge exchange process and make a cold ion beam in the shock downstream region. We perform linear analyses of collisionless plasma instabilities between the cold beam and(More)