Toshio Nishida

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This paper considers a scheduling problem in which the objective is to determine an optimal machine speed pair and an optimal schedule. There are two machines A, B and n jobs each of which consists of two operations. One operation is to be processed on machine A and the other on machine B. All jobs are open shop type, i.e., processing order of two(More)
This paper considers a generalized chance constraint programming problem having a controllable probability level Cl. with which the chance constraint should be satisfied. Several properties of this problem are derived and, based on these properties, an algorithm is also proposed. 1. I ntroduct; on Many types of chance constrained programming problem have(More)
Consider the problem of sequencing n jobs with general precedence constraints on a single machine to minimize total weighted completion time, which is NP-complete. However some class of problems can be solved in polynomial time, i.e .. the problems whose precedence constraints are trees or series parallel. This paper proposes an O(n4) algorithm for(More)