Toshio Nishida

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A 50-year-old man was admitted to hospital for dysphagia. The upper gastrointestinal series revealed esophageal stricture, pyloric stenosis, and hypomotile small intestine. He was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis sine scleroderma with gastrointestinal involvement. After subtotal gastrectomy with Billroth 2 anastomosis, he had recurrent intestinal(More)
This paper considers a scheduling problem in which the objective is to determine an optimal machine speed pair and an optimal schedule. There are two machines A, B and n jobs each of which consists of two operations. One operation is to be processed on machine A and the other on machine B. All jobs are open shop type, i.e., processing order of two(More)
A whaler has some harpoons available for catching whales and finite number of periods to go. The whales are of two kinds, type 1 and type 2; type 1 needs to be hit by the given number of harpoons in order to be caught by the whaler, whereas type 2 needs to be hit by one harpoon. Each type appears with a known probability at each period and produces its(More)
The present paper deals with a continuous-time sequential allocation problem in the following context. Consider an m-unit parallel system in which each unit stochastically deteriorates with age. When the system breaks down, all or some failed units are replaced with new units or the failed system is left as it is until the end of planning horizon. As a(More)