Toshio Nishida

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This paper considers a scheduling problem in which the objective is to determine an optimal machine speed pair and an optimal schedule. There are two machines A, B and n jobs each of which consists of two operations. One operation is to be processed on machine A and the other on machine B. All jobs are open shop type, i.e., processing order of two(More)
This paper considers a generalized chance constraint programming problem having a controllable probability level Cl. with which the chance constraint should be satisfied. Several properties of this problem are derived and, based on these properties, an algorithm is also proposed. 1. I ntroduct; on Many types of chance constrained programming problem have(More)
The pivotal decomposition theorem of the reliability function is applied to the stochastic nNwork. A graphical observation of the theorem always yields more effective result than that of algebraic aspects, that is, the well· selected pivot arc enables the resulting network to contain modules. Our theorem 1 assures that, and our algorithms will be helpful to(More)