Toshio Nakadate

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The cholinergic agonists, pilocarpine, physostigmine and nicotine, inhibited the prolactin release induced by morphine in male rats in vivo. Pilocarpine also inhibited the release of prolactin induced by beta-endorphin or metoclopramide without affecting the basal and haloperidol-stimulated serum prolactin levels. The inhibitory effect of pilocarpine on the(More)
BACKGROUND Although the prognosis for survival in people with severe functional disabilities is a serious concern for their families and health care practitioners, there have been few reports on survival rates for this population. Every year, the Japanese Association of Welfare for Persons with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disability collects anonymous(More)
Three-hundred seventy-five mice of six inbred strains and their F1 hybrid crosses were observed in a barrier apparatus. Frequencies of jumping over barriers were recorded at each of ten 30-sec intervals. Graphs plotted of mean jumps at each time point show several F1 curves with an apparently adaptive pattern: low frequencies of jumps at start, gradually(More)
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