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The increase in electric power consumption in industry has led to the development of modern distribution systems such as control centers having high kVA ratings and high prospective fault current. In such a situation, the improvement of the system usefulness such as reliability and cost effectiveness is the essential requirement. An index is presented to(More)
A simulation program of the arc quenching process in gas circuit breakers was developed. The program calculates the thermodynamic quantities of the gas as a function of time taking into account all spaces concerned with the arc quenching process such as the puffer cylinder, the arc space and the exhaust space. The simulation program was verified by(More)
A full size model gas circuit breaker without puffer has been built and tested based on a new arc quenching principle of self-flow generation. The breaker generates the flow around current zero due to the pressure rise in the cylinder by positive utilization of nozzle clogging phenomenon. The test was carried out on BTF and SLF conditions prescribed in IEC(More)
A system has been developed for ultra-high-speed digital recording and analysis of transient phenomena. It enables one to look back in time, recording signals that occur prior to single events which have statistical uncertainties of occurrence, such as lightning or breakdown phenomena. The system as installed is playing an essential role in studying "(More)
An arc chamber with negative pressure device was developed for the breaker without puffer action to improve the interrupting capability at low current region. The function of the device was analyzed by making use of a digital simulation program developed for this purpose. The results of the simulation was verified by the interruption test of a breaker with(More)
Spectroscopic observations were carried out on transient free-burning arcs drawn by separating copper/tungsten electrodes in SF6 gas. The peak value of the arc current was varied up to 60 kA. A new optical method was developed to measure temperature and pressure profiles of the arc taking the magnetic pinch force into account. The arc voltage calculated(More)
We investigated the possible association between genetic polymorphisms in the dopamine receptor and serotonin transporter genes and the responses of schizophrenic patients treated with either risperidone or perospirone. The subjects comprised 27 patients with schizophrenia who were clinically evaluated both before and after treatment. The genotyping of the(More)
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