Toshio Koike

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We develop a new data assimilation algorithm by employing a heuristic optimization approach named very fast simulated re-annealing (VFSA), which is capable of minimizing the cost function without using the adjoint model. The method is independent on model operator and observation operator, and has advantages in dealing with strong nonlinearities and(More)
—Soil moisture is the central focus of land surface and atmospheric modeling because it controls surface water and energy fluxes and consequently affects land–atmosphere interactions. Although global or regional satellite-derived surface soil moisture data sets are readily available, knowledge about assimilating them into numerical weather prediction (NWP)(More)
[1] Soil moisture is a very important variable in land surface processes. Both field moisture measurements and estimates from modeling have their limitations when being used to estimate soil moisture on a large spatial scale. Remote sensing is becoming a practical method to estimate soil moisture globally; however, the quality of current soil surface(More)
Earth observations can help reduce the loss of life and property from natural and human induced disasters through increasing our understanding of complex environmental systems. In this context, the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) is being built through the coordination of efforts within the international Group on Earth Observations (GEO),(More)