Toshio Kawasaki

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The authors describe a new method for a frontal interhemispheric approach when treating craniopharyngiomas of the third ventricle or anterior communicating artery aneurysms. This technique ensures preservation of the bridging veins and the olfactory nerves. This "basal interfalcine approach" involves a craniotomy in the centrobasal portion of the frontal(More)
A 64-year-old woman with Parkinson is disease had a severe resting tremor that was not completely relieved by right-sided gamma knife thalamotomy (GKT). We performed bilateral staged thalamic deep brain stimulation (DBS) and compared the right and left ventral intermediate nucleus (Vim) of the thalamus including the frequency of single units recorded with(More)
The authors report on a 19-year-old man with an acquired tonsillar herniation caused by a craniocervical junction injury in which serial magnetic resonance (MR) images demonstrated patent and isolated segments of the central canal participating in the dilation and then formation of a cervical syrinx. The patient was involved in a motor vehicle accident; he(More)
The authors reported an extremely rare case of ruptured aneurysm associated with persistent primitive trigeminal artery (PTA) and persistent metopic suture (metopism). A 46-year-old female suffered sudden onset of a severe headache with nausea and vomiting on February 24, 1991. She was transferred to Kagoshima Prefectural Oshima hospital from the other(More)
Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma(SSEH)is a rare condition that typically presents with acute back pain and paraparesis or quadriparesis. However, hemiparesis is a rare initial symptom of SSEH. Here, we report two cases of SSEH presenting with hemiparesis, which were difficult to distinguish from cerebral stroke. In both cases, source images of MR(More)
A case is presented of a ruptured aneurysm located at a leptomeningeal artery associated with an occlusion of the anterior trunk of the middle cerebral artery. A 60-year-old male had a sudden onset of severe headache and hemiplegia. CT showed a left frontal subcortical hematoma. Cerebral angiograms demonstrated an occlusion of the anterior trunk of the left(More)
Male prolactinomas often become voluminous and invasive, and also show higher serum prolactin levels due to delay of diagnosis. We experienced a case of prolactinoma in a 15-year-old boy. He was admitted with a complaint of visual disturbance. CT and MRI showed intra- and suprasellar mass with a ring enhancement and niveau formation suggesting intratumoral(More)
The authors report an unusual case of arteriovenous communication between extracranial and intracranial vessels, accompanied by incidentally detected bilateral arachnoid cysts of the middle cranial fossa. A 52-year-old male was admitted with a sudden onset of headache, vomiting, and conjunctival hyperemia of the right eye followed by progressive chemosis(More)
Two cases of trigeminal neuralgia associated with the primitive trigeminal artery are reported. From 1981, the authors have treated 131 trigeminal neuralgia patients with microvascular decompression. Among them, we encountered two rare cases of trigeminal neuralgia associated with the primitive trigeminal artery (PTA) and its variant (PTAV). Case 1 is a(More)
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