Toshio Honda

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DJ-1, Parkinson's disease PARK7, acts as an oxidative stress sensor in neural cells. Recently, we identified the DJ-1 modulator UCP0054278 by in silico virtual screening. However, the effect of the peripheral administration of UCP0054278 on an in vivo Parkinson's disease (PD) model is unclear. Therefore, in the present study, we examined the effects of the(More)
The analgesic activity and side effect liabilities of a novel NR2B antagonist, 7-hydroxy-6-methoxy-2-methyl-1-(2-(4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)ethyl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline hydrochloride (HON0001) were investigated. HON0001 inhibited [3H]MK-801 binding to rat brain membranes in a biphasic manner, with IC50 values of 54.68+/-4.96 nM and 46.48+/-5.85 muM(More)
We propose a 3-D video display technique that allows multiple viewers to observe 3-D images from a 360-degree horizontal arc without wearing 3-D glasses. This technique uses a cylindrical parallax barrier and a one-dimensional light source array. We have developed an experimental display using this technique and have demonstrated observation of 3-D images(More)
SUMMARY A 3D display using super high-density multi-view images should enable reproduction of natural stereoscopic views. In the super multi-view display system, viewpoints are sampled at an interval narrower than the diameter of the pupil of a person's eye. With the parallax produced by a single eye, this system can pull out the accommodation of an eye to(More)
We deal with nonparametric estimation in a nonlinear cointegration model whose regressor and dependent variable can be contemporaneously correlated. The asymptotic properties of the Nadaraya-Watson estimator are already examined in the literature. In this paper, we consider nonparametric least absolute deviation (LAD) regression and derive the asymptotic(More)
Varying coefficient models have numerous applications in a wide scope of scientific areas. While enjoying nice interpretability, they also allow flexibility in modeling dynamic impacts of the covariates. But, in the new era of big data, it is challenging to select the relevant variables when there are a large number of candidates. Recently several work are(More)
ii Acknowledgements In preparing this thesis I am indebted to many people. First of all, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Professor Chihiro Hirotsu, my thesis supervisor, for his guidance and encouragement. Komaki for their valuable comments and suggestions. Finally I am very grateful to my parents for their continual encouragement, and to my wife,(More)
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