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The speed, angular, and alignment distributions of S(1D2) atoms from the ultraviolet photodissociation of OCS have been measured by a photofragment imaging technique. From the excitation wavelengthExpand
Nitration and nitrosation of N-acetyl-L-tryptophan and tryptophan residues in proteins by various reactive nitrogen species.
6-Nitro-L-tryptophan in proteins can be measured as an additional biomarker of protein nitration as well as under physiological conditions. Expand
Generation of sub-two-cycle mid-infrared pulses by four-wave mixing through filamentation in air.
Fundamental and second-harmonic pulses of 25 fs Ti:sapphire amplifier output were focused into the air to produce extremely broadband mid-infrared pulses by four-wave difference-frequency generation through the filamentation to demonstrate sub-two-cycle, microjoule pulse generation. Expand
Repair activity of base and nucleotide excision repair enzymes for guanine lesions induced by nitrosative stress
The repair capacity for Oxa and Oxa–spermine cross-link adducts (Oxa–Sp) of enzymes involved in base excision repair (BER) and nucleotide excison repair (NER) is examined to delineate the repair mechanism of nitrosative damage to guanine. Expand
Effective attenuation length of an electron in liquid water between 10 and 600 eV.
The absolute values of the effective attenuation length of an electron in liquid water are determined using soft x-ray O1s photoemission spectroscopy of a liquid beam of water without employing anyExpand
Nitrosation of uric acid induced by nitric oxide under aerobic conditions.
  • Toshinori Suzuki
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Nitric oxide : biology and chemistry
  • 1 March 2007
Results indicate that under aerobic conditions nitric oxide can convert uric acid into its nitroso derivative, which can give aNitroso group to glutathione, which may act as a vehicle ofNitric oxide in humans. Expand
Time-energy mapping of photoelectron angular distribution: application to photoionization stereodynamics of nitric oxide.
The difference of the phase shifts from those expected from the quantum defects of Rydberg states suggests occurrence of weak hybridization of different l-waves, in addition to the well-known s-d super complex. Expand
Nonadiabatic dynamics within the time dependent density functional theory: Ultrafast photodynamics in pyrazine
Abstract We present a formulation of nonadiabatic dynamics “on the fly” combining time-dependent density functional theory using localized Gaussian basis sets with Tully’s stochastic fewest switchesExpand
Probing ultrafast internal conversion through conical intersection via time-energy map of photoelectron angular anisotropy.
The ultrafast S(2) --> S(1) internal conversion of pyrazine through a conical intersection of the potential energy surfaces was clearly observed by ultrafast photoelectron imaging. The 2D time-energyExpand