Toshinori Kojima

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Prediction of soil characteristics over large areas is desirable for environmental modeling. In arid environments, soil characteristics often show strong ecological connectivity with natural vegetation, specifically biomass and/or canopy cover, suggesting that the soil characteristics may be predicted from vegetation data. The objective of this study was to(More)
Despite recent studies on bio-fuels for carbon mitigation, biomass resource shortages in Japan continue to be a serious concern. To deal with this future problem, we evaluated whether the large amounts of biomass supplied from arid land afforestation in Western Australia could compensate for this biomass resource shortage, by estimating how much biomass as(More)
As a countermeasure to the greenhouse effect, afforestation in arid areas has been proposed and tested in an arid area of Western Australia. According to the CDM/JI guidelines set by UNFCCC, the sequestered carbon amount accountable as carbon credit was estimated in this study. First, the sequestered carbon amount by planted trees was measured by repeated(More)