Toshinobu Miyamato

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FK506-binding protein 6 (Fkbp6) is a member of a gene family containing a prolyl isomerase/FK506-binding domain and tetratricopeptide protein-protein interaction domains. Recently, the targeted inactivation of Fkbp6 in mice has been observed to result in aspermic males and the absence of normal pachytene spermatocytes. The loss of Fkbp6 results in abnormal(More)
We investigated in detail the nuclear kinetics of oocyte activation of aged human oocytes following combined activation treatment with calcium ionophore and puromycin. Two types of oocytes were used: (a) 1-day-old oocytes after 20-24 h retrieval, and (b) 2-day-old oocytes after 44-50 h retrieval. A total of 185 unfertilized aged oocytes, 91 1-day-old and 94(More)
AlaSTAT is an enzyme-immunoassay method for the measurement of allergen specific IgE antibodies. This method has a special feature in that carbohydrate, nucleic acid and fat as well as protein allergens can be used as antigens. In this study, IgE antibodies were measured by the use of AlaSTAT kits which were able to detect IgE antibodies to protein or(More)
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