Toshinari Tanaka

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We comparatively investigated among different optical network architectures characterized by grid flexibility and sub-wavelength traffic grooming. Simulation shows that the elastic models are more effective than fixed-grid models in terms of spectrum efficiency, but the trade-off between grooming gain and its additional cost should be considered especially(More)
This paper discusses an autonomous towed vehicle for underwater inspection in a port area, in which a sea current is so fast and complex. The autonomous towed vehicle has three different navigation modes; towed mode, autonomous mode and kite mode, to assure safe and reliable inspection in such a port area. An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is employed(More)
Information fusion via signal fission is addressed in the framework of empirical mode decomposition (EMD) to determine brain death in deep coma patients. In this way, a general nonlinear and nonstationary brain signal is decomposed into its oscillatory components (fission); the components of interest are then combined in an ad-hoc or automated fashion in(More)
Automatic simplification of highly detailed mesh models has been gaining considerable interest in the research field of reverse engineering and rapid prototyping recent years. However, almost all the present simplification algorithms are only focus on the geometry similarity. The triangle quality and the machinability of the mesh are less considered. We(More)
Mesh model simplification has received increasing attention recent years. However, few algorithms are developed for the application of manufacturing. We have developed a simplification algorithm from the character of surface sculpture manufacturing, which can rapidly produce faithful approximations of the triangle mesh models. Moreover, the simplified mesh(More)
In various inspections for the construction and the maintenance of port facilities, the underwater observation is a very important and an effective method. In general, the view of underwater video images is narrowly limited due to the turbidity of the sea water and the camera field angle. Therefore, the data processing such as mosaicing is necessary to(More)
A novel forecasting technique based on a complex-valued (vectorial) representation of the wind signal is proposed. Unlike with the standard univariate techniques, this way a simultaneous wind speed and wind direction forecasting is performed. To cater for the nonlinear and nonstationary nature of wind, a cascaded combination of a complex-valued recurrent(More)
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