Toshimitsu Ohtani

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A method of torque control in induction motor drives that requires not shaft encoder is presented. Both the torque control and the speed control are based on vector control. The proposed scheme of vector control is based on the self-control of rotor flux velocity, which is controlled with the torque-producing current and the rotor flux derived from the(More)
SUMMARY This paper studies a spiking neuron circuit with triangular base signal. The circuit can output rich spike-trains and the dynamics can be analyzed using a one-dimensional piecewise linear map. This system exhibits period doubling bifurcation, tangent bifurcation, super-stable periodic orbit bifurcation and so on. These phenomena can be characterized(More)
Analyzing occlusal contacts is significant for establishing the occlusal scheme as well as for the diagnosis on dysfunction of stomatognathic system. We tested a new occlusal contact analyzing device (T-Scan: Tekscan Inc. Boston, U.S.A.) for its sensitivity and reproducibility in relation to its clinical application. Following results were obtained. 1) As(More)
  • Prachi Chaudhary, Priyanka Manoj Duhan, +7 authors H. Haneda
  • 2011
An optimization program is employed to design the inter-digital transducer (IDT) structure of the surface acoustic wave (SAW) transducer to aim at improvement in the transducer characteristics and to improve the frequency response of SAW filter. In this paper, Genetic algorithm is used to optimize the response of a SAW filter. Then, the comparison of the 1(More)
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