Toshimitsu Ohmine

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Experiments of As-doped poly-silicon deposition have shown that under certain process conditions step coverages > 1 can be achieved. We have developed a new model for the simulation of As-doped poly-silicon deposition, which takes into account surface coverage dependent sticking coefficients and surface coverage dependent As incorporation and desorption(More)
Filling high aspect ratio trenches is an essential manufacturing step for state of the art memory cells. Understanding and simulating the transport and surface processes enables to achieve voidless filling of deep trenches, to predict the resulting profiles, and thus to optimize the process parameters and the resulting memory cells. Experiments of arsenic(More)
A new topography simulation method has been developed for SF<inf>6</inf>/O<inf>2</inf>/Si plasma etching of trench gates in IGBTs. This method calculates the ion and fluorine radical flux parameters required for the topography simulation from the etching rate and selectivity obtained from simple basic experiments. The O radical flux was assumed as a(More)
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