Toshimichi Takahashi

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Sags are segments of the road where there is a significant change in gradient from downhill to uphill in a short distance. Empirically, it has been observed that drivers do not compensate adequately for the changing grade resistance force at sags, which limits vehicle acceleration. As a consequence, congestion forms at sags. This paper proposes and compares(More)
Review Abstract So-called vehicle dynamics (or controllability and stability) refer to the "running, cornering and stopping" of automobiles, which are the most important and basic performance of automobiles. Therefore, many studies have been undertaken from several points of view all over the world. In this paper, our former studies, which focused on the(More)
Vehicle performance tests are conducted to evaluate factors of vehicle performance such as fuel consumption and durability. Robotic drivers are often used in these tests to ensure that performance evaluate is reproducible, and various types of vehicles have been tested. Manual transmission (MT) vehicles are widely used and represent about 50% of vehicles in(More)
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