Toshimi Kobayashi

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This paper presents the implementation and results of the test suite for DSM ASIC consisting of static, ∆Iddq, and dynamic patterns based on scan, and quantitatively reports the advantages of dynamic pattern over AC static pattern, even at a low frequency, and advantages of ∆Iddq test over traditional Iddq. A defect level calculation method is presented(More)
We have developed a 2-bit 32 GS/s soft decision LSI in 0.13 μm SiGe-BiCMOS. The LSI includes a flash type Analogue-to-Digital converter and an encoder which outputs the soft decision results, which are a hard decision bit and a confidence bit for strong Forward Error Correction. We have confirmed that the LSI has 25 mVpp sensitivity and the LSI enables(More)
In the paper a continuous time tracking controller without using velocity measurement is discussed. In practical application, continuous time controllers have to be implemented in discrete form, and we have to consider the influence of noises caused by quantization errors in the position measurements. To show the effectiveness of a proposed tracking(More)
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