Toshimasa Ishihara

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Although information concerned with ventilatory dynamics is indispensable, especially with regard to the care of a critically ill patient, the data available is often very limited, because the currently used methods of ascertaining data are invasive and not tolerable for patients who are still conscious and neither intubated nor tracheotomised. From this(More)
Continuous ventilatory volume monitoring for a long period is indispensable to the treatment and nursing of critically ill patients, so that the non-invasive electrical impedance method was considered to see if it could take the place of a conventional method, such as pneumotachography. This report is composed of the following parts: (a) basic studies(More)
Humans were trained to categorize problem non-native phonemes using an animal psychoacoustic procedure that trains monkeys to greater than 90% correct in phoneme identification [Sinnott and Gilmore, Percept. Psychophys. 66, 1341-1350 (2004)]. This procedure uses a manual left versus right response on a lever, a continuously repeated stimulus on each trial,(More)
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