Toshimasa Haneyoshi

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A new single-phase bridge rectifier controlled by a predictive instantaneous-current PWM control scheme for reducing ac-side harmonic currents and improving power factor is proposed. The rectifier can operate at the unity displacement power factor and has fast response to an input signal as a current reference. The effect of the dc-side voltage ripples is(More)
The demands for an industrial robot are speed and accuracy. A dead-zone like the backlash may cause delay, inaccuracy, vibration and degrades overall control performance. In this paper the backlash vibration control in the flinging up the manipulator by the sequence multi-motor drive is shown. 2-links manipulator is driven by one or more motors. The(More)
In conventional robot arms, one motor is placed in one joint. The human upper extremities can be simplified into three antagonistic pairs of muscles, those which are a pair of shoulder mono-articular muscles, a pair of elbow mono-articular and a pair of elbow/shoulder bi-articular muscles. In the present study, it is assumed that the bi-articular muscles(More)
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