Toshimasa Doi

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Recent observational surveys have shown significant oceanic bottom-water warming. However, the mechanisms causing such warming remain poorly understood, and their time scales are uncertain. Here, we report computer simulations that reveal a fast teleconnection between changes in the surface air-sea heat flux off the Adélie Coast of Antarctica and the(More)
Abstract. A lower-trophic marine ecosystem model that takes into account both the grazing food web and the microbial food web has been developed to investigate the ocean carbon cycle. The ecosystem model was coupled to an oceanic general circulation model and a simulation was performed to examine the temporal and spatial distribution of primary production(More)
We prepared a rod-like amphiphile with a molecular recognition end group, alpha-helical and hydrophobic poly(gamma-methyl L-glutamate) (PMG) containing hydrophilic beta-cyclodextrin (CyD) as an active end group (PMG-CyD), and formed its monolayer at the n-hexane/water interface. The interfacial pressure (pi)-area (A) isotherms of the monolayer showed that(More)
Changes in the heat content and the steric height in the Pacific Ocean were studied by comparing results from ship-based basin-scale repeat hydrographic surveys mainly conducted in the 2000s in and previous surveys conducted mostly in 1990s. The layer from the surface to a depth of 1000 m accounted for 90% of the increased heat content. In this layer, heat(More)
Reports on a narrow-gap semiconductor interband-tunneling device whose magnetoresistance varies more than five orders of magnitude at 2K. The operational principle of the novel GMR device is based upon the magnetic field modulation of the tunnel barrier thickness thereby changing the tunnel resistance of the new version of "Esaki diode" characteristics. The(More)
Introduction We have already proposed a new fabrication method of C0-yFq03 perpendicular magnetic recording thin film hard disks [1,2]. The Co-yFqO3 hard disks exhibit superior high density recording performance and hardness tolerable for contact recording without media overcoat [3,4]. In this study, noise characteristics of the CO-~FQOS disk was(More)
Introduction The primary aim of the current article is to address a methodology to visualizing the magnetizing current in a permanent magnet Previously, we have proposed the sampled pattern matching method for estimating current distribution from locally measured magnetic fields[ 1-31 In the present paper, we propose a generalized sampled pattern matching(More)