Toshimasa Asahi

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A 72-year-old woman who presented with a unilateral oculomotor nerve palsy was shown to have a very rare condition: multiple dural arteriovenous fistulae (DAVF) involving the cavernous and sphenoparietal sinuses. The sphenoparietal DAVF was cured completely by transarterial embolisation. Symptomatic relief was accomplished by this procedure. The cavernous(More)
In this study, we focused on the effect of glutamine synthetase (GSI) activity in Mesorhizobium loti on the symbiosis between the host plant, Lotus japonicus, and the bacteroids. We used a signature-tagged mutant of M. loti (STM30) with a transposon inserted into the GSI (mll0343) gene. The L. japonicus plants inoculated with STM30 had significantly more(More)
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