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In quasimagnetic tunnel junctions with a EuS spin-filter tunnel barrier between Al and Co electrodes, we observed large magnetoresistance (MR). The bias dependence shows an abrupt increase of MR ratio in high bias voltage, which is contrary to conventional magnetic tunnel junctions. This behavior can be understood as due to Fowler-Nordheim tunneling through(More)
To understand the cause of discoloration of the sea laver "nori," which is found in the Ariake Sea, the concentrations of pigments and elements in the normal and discolored laver samples were determined. In the discolored samples, a decrease in all of the pigments, chlorophyll a and carotenoids, and proteinous pigments, phycobiliproteins, was clearly(More)
A simple and high-resolution analytical method for the determination of dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) in sugarcane and marine algae is described. Effective extraction of DMSP from plant samples was also investigated using organic solvents, 5% perchloric acid or deionised water. To increase the sensitivity, DMSP in the extracts was first converted to a(More)
Enzyme-loaded microcapsules were prepared and treated with dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine molecules so as to control the permeation of substrates through the microcapsule membranes. The activities of enclosed enzymes increased with increase in ambient temperature, but gave an abrupt change at around the phase transition temperature of the lipid. The(More)
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