Toshiko Aizono

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Information lifecycle management (ILM) is attracting more attention as the costs of data retention and security and of regulatory compliance requirements are being increased by the explosive growth of information being handled and by increasingly stringent government regulations. The goal of ILM is to ensure that information is stored on the most(More)
A new method has been developed for extracting word correspondences from a bilingual corpus. First, the co-occurrence infi~rmation for each word in both languages is extracted li'om the corpus. Then, the correlations between the co-occurrence features of the words are calculated pairwisely with tile assistance of a basic word bilingual dictionary. Finally,(More)
This paper presents a method for automatically generating an association thesaurus from a text corpus, and demonstrates its application to information retrieval. The thesaurus generation method .consists of extracting tenns and co-occurrence data from a corpus and analyzing the correlation between terms statistically. A new method for disambiguating the(More)
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