Toshiki Sugimoto

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Quantum-state-selective thermal desorption of H2 weakly physisorbed on Ag(111) demonstrates significantly different desorption features between the nuclear-spin modifications. An energy shift due to the rotational-symmetry breaking induced by an anisotropic interaction affects not only the enthalpy but also the entropy of adsorption. The preexponential(More)
Charge carrier trapping plays a vital role in heterogeneous photocatalytic water splitting because it strongly affects the dynamics of photogenerated charges and hence the photoconversion efficiency. Although hole trapping by water at water/photocatalyst interface is the first step of oxygen evolution in water splitting, little has been known on how water(More)
Hot carriers at metal surfaces can drive nonthermal reactions of adsorbates. Characterizing nonequilibrium statistics among various degrees of freedom in an ultrafast time scale is crucial to understand and develop hot carrier-driven chemistry. Here we demonstrate multidimensional vibrational dynamics of carbon monoxide (CO) on Cu(100) along hot-carrier(More)
This paper discusses and compares the effects of dynamic element matching (DEM) methods applied to the stochastic flash A-to-D converter (SFADC) to improve its linearity and noise behavior. Simulation results have shown that the application of DEM greatly improves linearity and SNDR behavior, and a simple random barrel-shift type of DEM is enough for 6-bit(More)
Ultrafast dynamics of excitons in organic semiconductors is essential for a deep understanding of the working mechanism of plastic opto-electronic devices. In this work, excited state dynamics in dinaphtho[2,3-b:2'3'-f]thieno[3,2-b]-thiophene thin films has been studied with femtosecond transient absorption and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy.(More)
We report a hardware implementation of stochastic flash A-to-D converter (SFADC) with dynamic element matching (DEM) technique. For fast prototyping, the SFADC hardware was implemented on an FPGA board with 64 on-chip inverters using as comparators. The DEM circuit is implemented by analog multiplexer, which is put in front of the main SFADC. Measured(More)
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