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Power-frequency electric and magnetic fields are known to exhibit marked temporal variation, yet in the absence of clear biological indications, the most appropriate summary indices for use in epidemiologic studies are unknown. In order to assess the statistical patterns among candidate indices, data on 4383 worker-days for magnetic fields and 2082(More)
In laparoscopic surgery, surgeons perform surgery in the abdominal cavity by using only slender instruments that can be inserted through small diameter trocars. When it is difficult to perform surgery by using only instruments for laparoscopic surgery, they often make a 7-8 cm incision through which their hand can be inserted. Clearly this is invasive(More)
In laparoscopic surgery large instruments cannot be used because they cannot pass through trocars which are typically smaller than 12mm in diameter. For example, retracting an internal organ with a slender instrument is often a difficult task. To remove this limitation, we have proposed “assemblable instruments”, that is, parts are inserted(More)
With favorable electrical and optical properties, carbon nanotube (CNT) based field effect transistors (FETs) are a promising area of nano-scale research. Compared to conventional MOSFETs, CNT-FETs can be used to create smaller, higher speed devices. However, due to the lack of precise control over CNT growth and the CNT's sensitivity to adhesive materials(More)
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