Toshiki Nishino

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A zinc-resistant bacterium, Brevibacterium sp. strain HZM-1 which shows a high Zn2+-adsorbing capacity, was isolated from the soil of an abandoned zinc mine. Kinetic analyses showed that Zn2+ binding to HZM-1 cells follows Langmuir isotherm kinetics with a maximum metal capacity of 0.64 mmol/g dry cells and an apparent metal dissociation constant of 0.34(More)
A convenient synthetic method of unsymmetrical selenides has been developed. When diphenyl diselenide was allowed to react with two equimolar amounts of primary alkyl iodides and bromides in the presence of an equimolar amount of lanthanum metal, alkyl phenyl selenides were formed in moderate to good yields. For the reaction of primary alkyl chlorides and(More)
Results of the reaction of alkyl halides with lanthanum metal have been shown. The reduction of alkyl iodide with 1/3 equiv of lanthanum metal efficiently proceeded to give the corresponding reductive dimerized products along with the formation of reduction and dehydroiodination products. In the case of alkyl bromides and chlorides, the reaction did not(More)
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