Toshiki Hara

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In this study, we investigate how morphological parameters and mechanical properties derived from microcomputed tomography (microCT) are affected by small errors in threshold value when variable bone structures and different bone volume fractions are involved. For this purpose, biopsies of vertebrae of 6-, 23-, and 230-week-old female pigs were scanned(More)
The solubility of some inorganic materials was studied. It was found that Ca dissolution was high in calcium phosphates with Ca/P ratios 1.67-2.0. Dissolution of P was moderate compared with dissolution of Ca. The composites, HA content 70 wt-%, and HA showed to be corrosion resistant. Dissolution of alumina in the mineral muscovite, used as a filler(More)
The interaction between C(60) and Si atoms has been investigated for Si atoms adsorbed on a C(60) film using in situ x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and density-functional (DFT) calculations. Analysis of the Si 2p core peak identified three kinds of Si atoms adsorbed on the film: silicon suboxides (SiO(x)), bulk Si crystal, and silicon atoms bound to(More)
We have hitherto synthesized a peanut-shaped nanocarbon based on C 60 by use of electron-beam (EB)-induced polymerization. Comparison of in situ infrared spectra with theoretical IR calculations indicated that the electron-beam (EB) irradiated film is neither graphite nor carbon nanotube-like but a peanut-shaped C 60 polymer, which are a new polyhedral(More)
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