Toshikazu Sekine

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— This paper proposes a novel two-phase drive adi-abatic dynamic CMOS logic circuit (2PADCL). The proposed 2PADCL uses two complementary sinusoidal power supply clocks and resembles behavior of static CMOS. As a result, the delay time of the 2PADCL is shorter than that of the conventional ADCL circuit in the second and subsequent stages. The structure of(More)
—Numerous articles and patents on the masking of logic gates in CMOS logic styles have been reported, however, less information is available with regards to comparing the single-rail and dual-rail on masking input logic values. This paper investigates single-rail and dual-rail logic families that have been developed by the logic designers for secure logic(More)
Keywords: Low-power Adiabatic logic Energy recovery Multiplier a b s t r a c t As the density and operating speed of complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) circuits increases, dynamic power dissipation has become a critical concern in the design and development—of personal information systems and large computers. The reduction of supply voltage,(More)
— This paper presents the simulation results of a 4ˆ4-bit array two phase clocked adiabatic static CMOS logic (2PASCL) multiplier using 0.18 —m standard CMOS technology. We also propose a new design of 2PASCL XOR which reduces the number of transistors as well as the power consumption. Analytical method to compare the lower current flow in adiabatic circuit(More)
—This paper demonstrates some fundamental logic gates employing two phase clocked adiabatic static CMOS logic (2PASCL) circuit techniques. We design and simulate NOT, NAND, NOR, and XOR logic gates on the basis of the 2PASCL topology using SPICE implemented using 0.18 —m CTX CMOS technology. For NOT circuit, analytical and simulation values are compared.(More)
This paper proposes a memristor SPICE model using the Tukey window (or tapered cosine window) function. Compared with the previously proposed models based on the boundary function, the proposed model is resistant to numerical errors. From the SPICE result of a relaxation oscillator, we observe that the proposed model can be effectively used to minimise the(More)
Keywords: SCA DPA Adiabatic logic Bit-parallel cellular array multiplier AES Smart card a b s t r a c t Side-channel attacks by cryptanalysis are becoming a serious threat for cryptographers, who are designing systems that are more robust in terms of hardware and algorithm threats, aiming to thwart violations of the secrecy of securely processed(More)