Toshikazu Sekine

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Side-channel attacks by cryptanalysis are becoming a serious threat for cryptographers, who are designing systems that are more robust in terms of hardware and algorithm threats, aiming to thwart violations of the secrecy of securely processed information. As our contribution on a related issue, we propose a new secure logic, called charge-sharing symmetric(More)
This paper proposes a novel two-phase drive adiabatic dynamic CMOS logic circuit (2PADCL). The proposed 2PADCL uses two complementary sinusoidal power supply clocks and resembles behavior of static CMOS. As a result, the delay time of the 2PADCL is shorter than that of the conventional ADCL circuit in the second and subsequent stages. The structure of(More)
This paper presents a new quasi adiabatic logic family that uses a pair of complementary split-level sinusoidal power supply clocks for digital low power applications such as sensors. The proposed two phase clocked adiabatic static CMOS logic (2PASCL) circuit utilizes the principle of adiabatic switching and energy recovery. By removing the diode at the(More)
An adiabatic logic is a technique to design low power digital VLSI’s. This paper describes the design and VLSI implementation of a multiplier using a two phase drive adiabatic dynamic CMOS logic (2PADCL) circuit. Circuit operation and performance have been evaluated using a 4×4-bit 2PADCL multiplier fabricated in a 1.2 μm CMOS process. The experimental(More)
Six lignans including a new lignan (1), beta-sitosterol glucopyranoside and phenylpropanoids were isolated from the whole plants of Balanophora abbreviata Bl. (Balanophoraceae). Their structures were determined by NMR, MS analysis and other spectroscopic methods. Lignans (1, 2 and 4) showed potent inhibitory activities on the lipopolysaccharide(More)
This paper implements our proposed charge-sharing symmetric adiabatic logic (CSSAL) into the cellular multiplier used in finite field over GF(2<sup>m</sup>) arithmetic using secure system for resistant against side-channel attacks. To validate our proposed logic, we have evaluated the current traces and energy dissipation of the individual secure adiabatic(More)
A new ent-clerodane diterpene, named bacchariol (1) was isolated from the aerial parts of Baccharis gaudichaudiana DC. (Compositae), together with known ent-clerodane diterpenes (2, 3), eight known flavonoids (4-11) and 3, 5-dicaffeoylquinic acid (12). Their structures were determined by spectroscopic analyses. Flavonoids (7, 8, 11) and 12 showed moderate(More)
Invasive aspergillosis has become a serious problem in clinical practice, but the actual factor that confers virulence on the fungus has not been thoroughly elucidated. To identify and isolate the immunosuppressive substances produced by the fungus, the bioactivity of culture filtrates was assessed, and analyses of the culture filtrates were carried out.(More)