Toshikazu Morishita

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We compared the effects of ion beam and gamma ray irradiation on mutation induction in axillary buds of chrysanthemum, and analyzed the chimeric structure of the resulting mutants. Axillary buds were irradiated with carbon ions at 2 Gy (mean linear energy transfer 122 keV/μm), helium ions at 10 Gy (mean 9 keV/μm), and gamma rays at 80 Gy, all of which have(More)
In a screening of about 500 lines of Tartary buckwheat, we identified lines that contained no detectable rutinosidase isozymes using an in-gel detection assay. We confirmed that seeds of these individuals had only a trace level of in-vitro rutinosidase activity. To investigate the heritability of the trace-rutinosidase characteristic, we analyzed the(More)
Here, we developed a new Tartary buckwheat cultivar 'Manten-Kirari', whose flour contains only trace amounts of rutinosidase and lacked bitterness. The trace-rutinosidase breeding line 'f3g-162' (seed parent), which was obtained from a Nepalese genetic resource, was crossed with 'Hokkai T8' (pollen parent), the leading variety in Japan, to improve its(More)
BACKGROUND Relationships between buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) flour lipase, lipoxygenase and peroxidase activity, along with levels of individual free fatty acids (FFAs) and levels of headspace volatile compounds of boiled buckwheat noodles, were investigated for 12 different buckwheat varieties. Enzyme activities and FFA levels in flour were(More)
In order to investigate the toxicity of rutin-rich dough from the Tartary buckwheat variety 'Manten-Kirari,' acute and subacute toxicity studies (10,000 and 5,000 mg/kg flour, respectively) were performed using rats. In the acute toxicity study, no toxic symptoms were observed and no rats died during the test. Body weight in the 'Manten-Kirari'-treated(More)
Seed shattering is a significant problem with buckwheat, especially at harvesting time. Several reports have shown that a green-flower mutant of buckwheat, such as W/SK86GF, has a strong pedicel. Although a strong pedicel may provide some resistance to shattering in the field, no study has thoroughly examined this issue. In this paper, we demonstrate that a(More)
This is the first report to purify and characterize POX in shoots of buckwheat species. POX was partially purified from Tartary buckwheat shoots by 48.0 fold with a final yield of 9.07%. During ion-exchange and gel filtration chromatography, only one peak corresponding to POX activity was found. The molecular weight of POX was determined to be 37.5 kDa(More)
Proanthocyanidins (PAs) are a major group of flavonoids synthesized via the phenylpropanoid biosynthesis pathway, however the pathway has not been fully characterized in buckwheat. Anthocyanidin reductase (ANR) and leucoanthocyanidin reductase (LAR) are involved in the last steps of PA biosynthesis. To isolate the genes for these enzymes from buckwheat we(More)
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