Toshikazu Matsuo

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BACKGROUND A minilaparotomy approach is technically feasible for the resection of colorectal cancer in select patients. The aim of this study was to clarify the risk factors preventing the success of a minilaparotomy in the resection of colorectal cancer. METHODS Between April 2005 and August 2008, 141 consecutive patients were enrolled in this(More)
A key compound, a precursor of water-soluble cyclophane hexamer, was prepared via Williamson ether synthesis of tetraaza[]paracyclophane derivatives bearing a bromoacetamide moiety with triphenylene-2,3,6,7,10,11-hexaol as a core. A cationic cyclophane hexamer (1) was obtained by removing the protecting groups from the precursor. Fluorescence(More)
Title Malignant Potential in the Analysis of DNA Ploidy Pattern in Patients with Colorectal Cancer Author(s) Tomita, Masao; Obatake, Masayuki; Sawai, Terumitsu; Jibiki, Masaaki; Uchikawa, Tetsuya; Matsuo, Toshikazu; Hatano, Kazuhiko; Matsumoto, Yoshihiro; Yamaguchi, Shinya; Nanashima, Atsushi; Taniguchi, Yoshitake; Fujise, Naoki Citation Acta medica(More)
INTRODUCTION Intussusception in adults is a rare cause of bowel obstruction. Endometriosis of the bowel is also a rare entity that can be the cause of bowel obstruction. Here, we report a rare case of intussusception secondary to endometriosis of the cecum. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 40-year-old woman presented to the hospital with a one-week history of(More)
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