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Knowing the reputations of your own and/or competitors' products is important for marketing and customer relationship management. It is, however, very costly to collect and analyze survey data manually. This paper presents a new framework for mining product reputations on the Internet. It automatically collects people's opinions about target products from(More)
Automatic extraction of human opinions from Web documents has been receiving increasing interest. To automate the process of opinion extraction, having a collection of evaluative expressions such as " the seats are comfortable " would be useful. However, it can be costly to manually create an exhaustive list of such expressions for many domains, because(More)
With proliferation of ubiquitous computing, digital access is facing an increasing risk since unauthorized client located at any place may intrude a local server. Location Based Access Control (LBAC) is a promising solution that tries to protect the client's access within some user-defined secure zones. Although a lot of prior work has focused on LBAC, most(More)
The diversity and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing Betaproteobacteria and archaea were investigated in a full-scale municipal wastewater treatment plant where the wastewater conductivity level varied considerably (due to seawater salinity intrusion) during this study between 2004 and 2007. Based on the quantitative polymerase chain reaction of ammonia(More)
Bacteria are known to play important roles in biogeochemical cycles and biotechnology processes, but little is known about the influence of bacteriophage on these processes. A major impediment to the study of host-bacteriophage interactions is that the bacteria and their bacteriophage are often not available in a pure culture. In this study, we detected an(More)
This study investigated the influence of salinity and ammonium levels on ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and archaea (AOA) by monitoring their amo subunit A (amoA) messenger RNA (mRNA) expression. The aerobic mini-continuous stirred-tank reactors (mini-CSTRs) were operated for 48 h under different salinity or ammonium levels. Quantification of archaeal and(More)
This paper proposes a novel approach to accurately searching Web pages for relevant information in problem solving by specifying a Web document category instead of the user's task. Accessing information from World Wide Web pages as an approach to problem solving has become commonplace. However, such a search is difficult with current search services, since(More)
BMIR-JP is the lirat complete Japanese test collection available for use in evaluating information retrieval systems. It contains sixty queries and the IDS of 5080 newspaper articles in the fields of economics and engineering. The queries are classified into five categories, based on the functions the system is likely to use to interpret them correctly and(More)
This study examined the hypothesis that different inorganic carbon (IC) conditions enrich different ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria (NOB) populations by operating two laboratory-scale continuous-flow bioreactors fed with 15 and 100 mg IC/L, respectively. During this study, both bioreactors maintained satisfactory(More)
The applicability of the enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) process for the removal of phosphorus in warm climates is uncertain due to frequent reports of EBPR deterioration at temperature higher than 25 °C. Nevertheless, a recent report on a stable and efficient EBPR process at 28 °C has inspired the present study to examine the performance of(More)