Toshikatsu Shimizu

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Pirfenidone, a broad-spectrum antifibrotic agent, is known to have efficacy in certain fibrotic disease models, and is under clinical trials in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. We investigated the antifibrotic effect of pirfenidone, and its regulatory effect on various pulmonary cytokines, in bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis in mice at the(More)
Catecholamines (CA) have been proposed to have neuromodulatory actions, particularly on attention and learning, in a number of neural systems. Because several of the interconnected brain nuclei that mediate song learning and production in the adult male zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) contain these neurotransmitters, we investigated the appearance of the(More)
1 The pharmacological characteristics of adrenoceptors mediating the positive inotropic action in the dog heart were assessed by the use of blood-perfused papillary muscles and isolated strips of ventricular myocardium.2 On the blood-perfused papillary muscle driven at 2 Hz and in sinus node preparations, phenylephrine induced positive inotropic and(More)
The distal convoluted tubule (DCT) from rabbit kidney were perfused in vitro to study the conductive properties of the cell membranes by using electrophysiological methods. When the lumen and the bath were perfused with a biearbonate free solution buffered with HEPES, the transepithelial voltage (V T) averaged −2.8±0.6 mV (n=20), lumen negative. The(More)
The effect of parathyroid hormone (PTH) on ion transport was examined by observing transmural (V T) and basolateral membrane voltage (V B) in the in vitro perfused rabbit connecting tubule. Addition of 10 nmol/l PTH to the bath induced a biphasic response of V T, with hyperpolarization followed by depolarization. Chlorophenylthioadenosine cyclic(More)
Morphological studies have demonstrated that a chronic increase in distal Na+ delivery causes hypertrophy of the distal convoluted tubule (DCT). To examine whether high NaCl-intake also causes functional changes in the well defined DCT, we measured transmural voltage (V T), lumen-to-bath Na+ flux (J Na(LB)), and net K+ secretion (J K(net)) in DCTs obtained(More)
To evaluate the pattern of goblet cell differentiation in sinus mucosa in response to external stimuli, New Zealand White rabbits were subjected to either experimental sinusitis or topical capsalcin application. Sinus mucosa was examined by light microscopy after serial sectioning, whole-mount preparation or immunohistochemistry. The mucosa was also(More)
The anti-fatigue effect of dicethiamine hydrochloride (DCET) was assessed and compared to that of thiamine hydrochloride (VB(1)HCl) in rats. The absorbability and tissue distribution of thiamine after oral administration of DCET and VB(1)HCl were also examined. To create fatigued animals, male SD rats were placed in plastic cages containing 1.5cm of water(More)
The effect of vitamin E on the modulation of keratinocytes was studied in rats. A 1% lauroylsarcosine (LS) ointment caused skin erythema with keratinocyte-damage. A 30% vitamin E ointment markedly alleviated this erythema and protected keratinocytes from cell damage. Vitamin E (100 micrograms/ml) was also effective on LS (7.5 micrograms/ml)-induced(More)
Recent work has drawn attention to endothelin as a likely contributor to renal pathogenesis. To elucidate the mechanism of progressive renal disease, we investigated the mRNA expression of endothelin and endothelin receptors, and the effect of endothelin ET(A), and/or ET(B) receptor antagonists on disease progression in the remnant kidney model. Proteinuria(More)