Toshihito Hoshino

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In observing a virtual 3D object displayed stereoscopically on a large screen, there often exists a difference between the calculated depth and the perceived depth of an object. This paper presents a method for reducing such differences of depth. This is performed by modifying both the viewing position and the screen position in the stereoscopic(More)
Tracking the maximum power point (MPP) of a photovoltaic array is an essential operation for any PV system. Thus, changing the environmental conditions causes different maximum power point (MPP) driving for non-uniform power feeding for the load. So, researchers have developed many MPPT algorithms to maximize and stabilize the power derived for the load.(More)
It is undesirable for car designers to wait long for a physical mockup, or to learn a difficult CAD interface. This paper presents a Spatial Sketch System that provides a sketch-like modeling interface, and realizes 3D drawing for human oriented industrial design, such as car styling. The designer can draw lines and surfaces directly and freely in the(More)
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