Toshihisa Tashiro

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ASURA is an experimental speech-to-speech translation system. It recognizes Japanese input speech, translates to English and German, and output synthesized voices. The main features concerning speech recognition, interface between speech recognition and language processing, and language translation are described. The performance evaluation of the system is(More)
Toshihisa Tashiro Noriyoshi Uratani Tsuyoshi Morimoto A T R I n t e r p r e t i n g T e l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s Resea rch L a b o r ~ t o r i e s 2-2 t I i ka r ida i , Seika-cho, S o r a k u g u n , K y o t o 619-02, J A P A N { t a s h i r o , u r a t a n i , m o r i m o t o } ~ i t l . a t r .co. jp A part-of-speech tagged corpus is a very(More)
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