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PURPOSE To compare the clinical and radiological outcomes of intrafocal pinning (IFP) and volar locking plating (VLP) of dorsally angulated, unstable distal radius fractures in elderly patients. (More)
We hypothesised that using a palmaris longus tendon ball (PLTB) with bone core (w bc) after excisional arthroplasty for Kienböck disease would maintain post-operative carpal height compared to a PLTB(More)
PURPOSE To investigate whether the degree of radiographically observed pretreatment radius deformity of low-energy Colles' type distal radius fractures resulting from falls is associated with the(More)
BACKGROUND The use of bioabsorbable implants to negate the need for subsequent removal could offer major clinical advantages for the fixation of fractures. The aims of this study were to compare the(More)