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In this paper we propose new quantitative metrics that express the characteristics of current general practices in slide-based presentation methodology. The proposed metrics are numerical expressions of: 'To what extent are the materials being presented in the prepared order?' and 'What is the degree of separation between the displays of the presenter and(More)
The authors developed reading support software " eJournalPlus " designed to assist learners in not only reading texts but also constructing their own opinions from it. Since it is difficult for learners to reach a sufficient level of critical reading skills through reading only by themselves, a collaborative learning function was added to allow learners to(More)
This paper deals with a design of a cellular phone software, called " ProBoPortable " , which displays an awareness of task status and division of labor in Project-based Learning (PBL). According to the situated learning theory, learners learn not only the cultural practice but also the "legitimate learning strategy," which refers to the way in which(More)
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