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Rain attenuation at 355.2 GHz in the terahertz wave range was measured with our new 355.2 GHz measuring system under rainfall intensities up to 25 mm/hr. Rain attenuation coefficients were also calculated using four raindrop-size distributions, e Marshall-Palmer (M-P), Best, Polyakova-Shifrin (P-S) and Weibull distributions, and using a specific rain(More)
We have developed an integrated hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) fluorescence detector for microfluidic genetic analysis. It consists of a half-ball lens, a ZnS/YF3 multilayer optical interference filter with a pinhole, and an annular a-Si:H PIN photodiode allowing the laser excitation to pass up through the central aperture in the photodiode and the(More)
SUMMARY Targeting the transition from a coaxial wave guide to a coplanar wave guide (CPW), a microwave and millimeter-wave wide-band coaxial-to-coplanar transition is proposed. This design connects the coaxial inner conductor to the CPW center conductor in a perpendicular manner to directly couple, on the same plane, the radial high-frequency electric field(More)
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