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An acoustical array by combining microphones and piezoelectric devices is a kind of acoustical sensor fusion to reduce the internal noise coming from the inside of the system such as machines, vehicles and robots. It can reduce the internal noise effectively, while it is difficult to reduce the internal noise by employing the conventional microphone array(More)
This paper describes noise reduction combining microphones and laser listening devices. A microphone array is one of the useful approaches for reducing the noise. However, when the microphones are mounted on robot systems, the problem of internal noise from robots such as motors and gears arises. It is difficult to reduce the internal noise utilizing the(More)
epsiv-filter can reduce most kinds of noise from a single-channel noisy signal with preserving the signal that varies drastically such as a speech signal. It can reduce not only stationary noise but also nonstationary noise. However, it has some parameters whose values are set empirically. So far, there are few studies to evaluate the appropriateness of the(More)
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