Toshihiro Yanou

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PURPOSE To assess the biologic effects of proton and carbon ion beams before clinical use. METHODS AND MATERIALS Cultured cells from human salivary gland cancer (HSG cells) were irradiated at 5 points along a 190 MeV per nucleon proton and a 320 MeV per nucleon carbon ion beam, with Bragg peaks modulated to 6 cm widths. A linac 4 MV X-ray was used as a(More)
We investigated the biological effect of combining carbon-beam and X-ray in vitro. The results showed that when we employed Gray equivalent as the indication of therapeutic dose, the effects could be explained with simple additive way in the treatment plan. This fact provides important information about the combined therapy of carbon-beam and X-ray.
In this paper we present a robust alignment algorithm for correcting the effects of out-of-plane rotation to be used for automatic alignment of the Computed Tomography (CT) volumes and the generally low quality fluoroscopic images for radiotherapy applications. Analyzing not only inplane but also out-of-plane rotation effects on the Dignitary Reconstructed(More)
BACKGROUND Though the dosimetric criteria for the gastrointestinal tract were met, late gastrointestinal toxicity was seen in several cases. Therefore, we thought that it was caused by the positional variation of gastrointestine surrounding pancreatic cancer because of peristalsis. METHOD They were confirmed by CT image regularly. And we evaluated that(More)
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