Toshihiro Sera

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Localized morphometric deformations of small airways and alveoli during respiration have several biomechanical and physiological implications. We developed fast synchrotron radiation CT system to visualize the small airways and alveoli of an intact mouse lung without fixation and dehydration, and analyzed their localized morphometric deformations between(More)
Previously, we developed a synchrotron radiation CT system to evaluate the morphometric changes (length and diameter, D) and small airway compliance (sC(aw)) of euthanized mice under quasi-static inflation [Sera, T., Uesugi, K., Yagi, N., 2005. Localized morphometric deformations of small airways and alveoli in intact mouse lungs under quasi-static(More)
Pulmonary acinus is the largest airway unit provided with alveoli where blood/gas exchange takes place. Understanding the complete structure of acinus is necessary to measure the pathway of gas exchange and to simulate various mechanical phenomena in the lungs. The usual manual segmentation of a complete acinus structure from their experimentally obtained(More)
Hepatic functions, such as albumin secretion and ammonia metabolism, are upregulated in response to hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) produced by hepatic stellate cells (HSC), as well as nitric oxide (NO) produced by endothelial cells under shear stress. However, the simultaneous effect of HSC and NO has not been previously investigated in a tri-co-culture(More)
We evaluated the airway distention during lung inflation of varying size in healthy and allergic-sensitised mice in vivo. Computed tomography (CT) images of healthy and ovalbumin-treated mice were acquired using a synchrotron in vivo CT system when lung pressures was 0 and 20 cmH(2)O, and the morphometric distension (diameter, length, and volume) and the(More)
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