Toshihiro Ozeki

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The dynamics and stability of the resistive wall mode (RWM) are investigated in the JT-60U high-β plasmas, and the sustainment of high-β plasmas above the ideal no-wall β-limit β no-wall N has been demonstrated using a plasma rotation. To suppress an n = 1 RWM that limits the achievable β N in the regime β N > β no-wall N , the plasma rotation is kept(More)
A compact magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system for a cold (-5 degrees C) room has been developed to acquire MR images below the freezing point of water. The MRI system consists of a 1.0 T permanent magnet, a higher-order shim coil set, and a gradient coil probe, installed in the cold room, and a compact MRI console installed in a room at normal(More)
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