Toshihiro Nakanishi

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In order to examine a role of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) in metastasis, cDNA encoding CEA was introduced into a clone of human colorectal carcinoma SW1222 cells. Western blot analysis revealed that all transfectants express CEA of 180 kDa while the parent clone does not. In the transfectants, the level of CEA expression in clone 3 was higher than that(More)
There have been few reports stating that monoclonal antibody alone inhibits human solid tumor growth in vivo. The present study demonstrated that monoclonal antibody S1 (IgG2a), which recognized the antigenic determinant of the carbohydrate moiety, showed antibody-dependent cell (or macrophage)-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC or ADMC) in conjunction with murine(More)
A stick-typed long lasting device for both transdermal and topical drug delivery has been developed. Ketotifen fumarate (KT) was used as a model drug. The effect of a variety of permeation enhancers was investigated using hairless mouse skin in vitro. Polyoxyethylene oleyl ether (POE), among the enhancers used, most enhanced the skin permeation of KT. The(More)
The bacteriocins produced by Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis C101910 (C101910) and NBRC 12007 (NBRC 12007) were used to prevent the growth of sake spoiling hiochi bacteria (Lactobacillus hilgardii, Lactobacillus fructivorans, and Lactobacillus paracasei) in namazake, which is raw (unpasteurized) sake. The bacteriocin concentrations required for decreasing(More)
The toxic agent purothionin was conjugated to the monoclonal antibody 225.28S to a human high-molecular-weight melanoma-accociated antigen. The toxic conjugate displayed in vitro toxicity to cultured human Colo 38 melanoma cells as indicated by reduced uptake of 3H-thymidine following a 24-h incubation and loss of cell viability following a 7-day(More)
We experimentally demonstrate control over the group delay of narrow-band (quasi continuous wave) terahertz (THz) pulses with constant amplitude based on optical switching of a metasurface characteristic. The near-field coupling between resonant modes of a complementary split ring resonator pair and a rectangular slit show an electromagnetically induced(More)
This research resolves a long-standing problem on the electromagnetic response of self-complementary metallic screens with checkerboardlike geometry. Although Babinet's principle implies that they show a frequency-independent response, this unusual characteristic has not been observed yet due to the singularities of the metallic point contacts in the(More)
If fR n g 1 n=1 is a sequence of hyperbolic Riemann surfaces such that for any r > 0 a hyperbolic ball of radius r embeds isometrically into R n for all n suuciently large, then as n ! 1 the inner radii of the associated Teichm uller spaces i(T(R n)) ! 2. A straightforward consequence of this is that if a Riemann surface R contains arbitrarily large(More)
In the food industry, contamination by spoilage microorganisms results in severe safety and economic problems. In the sake-brewing process, spoilaging phenomena caused by several Lactobacillus species, so-called hiochi bacteria, seriously deteriorate the quality of sake, such as lowering the pH, increasing turbidity, and producing offflavors [1,2]. Sake(More)