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A new strategy for treatment of suprascapular entrapment neuropathy in athletes: Shaving of the base of the scapular spine.
A study of three volleyball teams comprising 40 players demonstrated the frequent occurrence of infraspinatus muscle atrophy. Anatomic studies of the suprascapular nerve in 20 cadavers revealed theExpand
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Muscle Strength and Muscle Endurance Required for Independent Walking in the Elderly.
This study investigated minimal muscle strength on knee extension as well as muscle endurance required for independent walking. Seventy-seven elderly (29 males and 48 females, mean age: 81.3 years)Expand
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The infraspinatus test: An early diagnostic sign of muscle weakness during external rotation of the shoulder in athletes.
Fifty-two men successively elevated dumbbells in increments of 0.5 kg from 1 to 9 kg, performing external rotation of the shoulder with the elbow at 90° of flexion and the forearm at neutralExpand
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Electromyographic Analysis of Thigh Muscles in PNF Patterns of the Lower Extremity: Muscle Activities in the Lengthened Range.
The purpose of this study was to characterize the activity levels of the thigh muscles (Vastus medialis oblique muscle, VMO; Rectus Femoris muscle, RF; Vastus Lateralis muscle, VL; and Biceps FemorisExpand
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Knee Extensor Strength for Independent Locomotion in the Elderly
養護老人ホーム利用者80名を対象として,起居移動動作の自立状況および膝伸展筋力を測定し,起居移動動作の自立に必要な膝伸展筋力について検討した。対象者を階段昇降,入浴動作,歩行,トイレ動作,車椅子からベッドへの移乗動作の5項目に関して,Barthel indexのMobilityExpand
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The Effect of Backpack Load Walking on Oxygen Uptake and Heart Rate
The effect of backpack load walking on oxygen uptake and heart rate was studied on eight students using treadmill walking test. The backpack load corresponded to 10 % of each body weight, and theExpand