Toshihiro Maenaka

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The purpose of this study was to examine whether pain-induced brain activation was suppressed by acupuncture analgesia. We investigated the suppression of the pain-induced neuronal activation in specific brain areas of three male rhesus monkeys (aged four years old) using positron emission tomography (PET), in which changes in the regional cerebral blood(More)
The crystal structures of the human MHC class I allele HLA-B*5101 in complex with 8-mer, TAFTIPSI, and 9-mer, LPPVVAKEI, immunodominant peptide epitopes from HIV-1 have been determined by x-ray crystallography. In both complexes, the hydrogen-bonding network in the N-terminal anchor (P1) pocket is rearranged as a result of the replacement of the standard(More)
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