Toshihiro Kiyosaki

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We cloned four kinds of cDNAs of wheat cystatins (WCs), WC1, WC2, WC3, and WC4, from the seed. They had 47-68% amino acid sequence similarities to other plant cystatins. WC1, WC2, and WC4 had 63-67% similalities to one another while 93% of amino acids were identical between WC1 and WC3. This suggested that WCI, WC2, and WC4 should be regarded as the(More)
We cloned three novel papain-type cysteine proteases (CPs), triticain alpha, beta and gamma, from 1-d-germinating wheat seeds. Triticain alpha, beta and gamma were constituted with 461, 472 and 365 amino acid residues, respectively, and had Cys-His-Asn catalytic triads as well as signal and propeptide sequences. Triticain gamma contained a putative(More)
Two aspartic proteinase (AP) cDNA clones, WAP1 and WAP2, were obtained from wheat seeds. Proteins encoded by these clones shared 61% amino acid sequence identity. RNA blotting analysis showed that WAP1 and WAP2 were expressed in both germinating and maturing seeds. The level of WAP2 mRNA expression was clearly weaker than that of WAP1 in all tissues of(More)
We cloned a new cysteine proteinase of wheat seed origin, which hydrolyzed the storage protein gliadin almost specifically, and was named gliadain. Gliadain mRNA was expressed 1 day after the start of seed imbibition, and showed a gradual increase thereafter. Gliadain expression was suppressed when uniconazol, a gibberellin synthesis inhibitor, was added to(More)
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