Toshihiro Kanahori

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An integrated OCR system for mathematical documents, called INFTY, is presented. INFTY consists of four procedures, i.e., layout analysis, character recognition, structure analysis of mathematical expressions, and manual error correction. In those procedures, several novel techniques are utilized for better recognition performance. Experimental results on(More)
This paper describes shortly a practical integrated system for scientific documents including mathematical formulae, named ‘Infty’. The system consists of three components of applications: an OCR system named ‘InftyReader’, an editor named ‘InftyEditor’ and converting tools into various formats. Those applications are linked each other via XML files.(More)
This paper describes our system of on-line recognition of mathematical expressions. Users can input mathematical expressions by handwriting. As soon as a character is written, it is rewritten by neat strokes in an appropriate position and size automatically. This Automatic Rewriting Method improves the accuracy of the structure analysis of the written(More)
We are developing a recognition system, named 'Infty', for scientific documents including those with mathematical formulae. In this paper, we propose a new system that can refine a text embedded PDF document recognizing the PDF as images and integrating its text information into the recognition results of Infty. This system can be combined with other OCR(More)
Capturing and understanding mathematics from print form is an important task in translating written mathematical knowledge into electronic form. While the problem of syntactically recognising mathematical formulas from scanned images has received attention, very little work has been done on semantic validation and correction of recognised formulas. We(More)
This paper describes our experimental real time recognition system of handwritten mathematical expressions, linked to a computer algebra system Mathematica by Mathlink. This system is titled as \INFTY". The fundamental operations of INFTY are (1) input of mathematical expressions using handwriting input system, (2) editing of them by basic editing operation(More)