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We present a new MEMS probe card made of electroplated Ni micro-cantilevers, which has compliant structures, and uses a kind of electric breakdown, or fritting, to make electric contacts to electrodes on ICs. The characteristics of fritting contact between Ni probe and Al electrodes were investigated, and Ni was found to have lower contact resistance than(More)
SUMMARY We study ultrafast operation of multiple-valued quantizers composed of resonant-tunneling diodes (RTDs) and high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs). The operation principle of these quantizers is based on the monostable-multistable transition logic (MML) of series-connected RTDs. The quantizers are fabricated by monolithically integrating(More)
Melanophore-stimulating hormone (MSH) has been shown to be associated with food intake in addition to body color change in teleosts. MSH is encoded by a proopiomelanocortin (POMC) gene together with endorphin (END). To assess the significance of MSH to biological activities, we determined the structure and evaluated the expression of POMC mRNA in barfin(More)
Ultrahigh-speed circuit applications of resonant-tunneling diodes (RTDs) have been developed. The key points are the utilization of the edge-triggered and latching properties arising from negative differential resistance of the RTD, and the combination of RTDs and high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs). High-speed and low power operation of various(More)
A high quality factor (Q-factor) piezoelectric lead zirconat titanate (PZT) film actuated single crystal silicon cantilever was proposed in this paper for resonant based ultra sensitive mass detection. Intrinsic energy dissipation and other negative effects from PZT film were successfully compressed by separating the PZT actuator from the resonant(More)
The differential pressure sensors are used for various applications. In this work, a piezoelectric differential pressure sensor using an aluminum nitride (AlN) thin film cantilever is proposed to achieve high sensitivity and low power consumption. The dimensions of the cantilever are 1500 μm × 1000 μm × 2 μm. The proposed(More)
Here, we report the development of an integrated laser Doppler blood flow micrometer for chickens. This sensor weighs only 18 g and is one of the smallest-sized blood flow meters, with no wired line, these are features necessary for attaching the sensor to the chicken. The structure of the sensor chip consists of two silicon cavities with a photo diode and(More)
OBJECTIVES Days off, on call, night duty, working hours and job stress can affect physicians' mental health, and support from supervisors and co-workers may have a buffering effect. This study elucidates whether job strain and job factors affect physicians' mental health, and whether support from supervisors and co-workers has a protective effect on their(More)